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Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council is working on a Neighbourhood Plan.

About the Parish Council

The Parish Council represents residents and businesses in the village, hamlets and countryside of the Parish. The Parish Council has few powers, but it can influence decisions made by West Somerset Council (including planning permissions) and Somerset County Council, and other organisations such as the Environment Agency. The Parish Council owns the Beacon Field on Station Road and the car-parking in The Square, and has become the trustee of the Stogumber Playground behind Slade Close. There are nine unpaid volunteer Parish Councillors, and the Parish Clerk who is paid for six hours a week. The Parish Council's income is drawn from the Council Tax.

Councillor Contact Details email Councillor Leads
Chris Bramall
01984 656264  
Mostyn Symes (Vice Chairman) 01984 656843 Highways
Cliff Matravers 01984 656596 Finance
Tracy Brick  
Viv Sellick 01984 656638   Highways
Ruth Foster 01984 656935    
Alison White 01984 656058    
George Tuckfield 01984 656276  
Tom Vesey  
Claire Morrison-Jones
01823 601495
The Orchard
TA3 7PZ  

How to raise a problem or alert us to an opportunity

If you feel strongly about something, the most effective way of persuading the Parish Council to pursue it on your behalf is to come to a Parish Council meeting and tell us directly what needs doing and why. Every Parish Council meeting is open to the public, and there is always an opportunity for members of the public to speak. You do not need to tell us in advance that you wish to speak, but doing so helps us to plan the meeting agenda.

Alternatively, you can raise issues by writing to the Parish Clerk, or by speaking directly to any Parish Councillor.


The Parish Council normally meets every two months, usually on the evening of the second Thursday of the month, at 7.30pm in Deane Close Common Room. Meeting dates and agendas are published on the Parish Council noticeboards (in the churchyard and at the corner of Sawpits), four or more days before the meeting. The Parish Council also holds site meetings to consider planning applications, and information about these are also published on the noticeboards. See below for links to minutes of meetings.

Planning applications

Planning applications can be a stress and worry for both applicants and neighbours, and here are a few thoughts that may be helpful:

  • The 'planning authority' to whom you apply and which makes the decision is West Somerset Council (WSC).
  • West Somerset Council has a duty to either write to inform immediate neighbours about a planning application or to put up site notices. WSC usually seems to do both, but sometimes they don't manage to write to every neighbour.
  • Therefore, if you want to know when there is a planning application for a site near you, do look out for the 'site notices' which are an A4 sheet of paper with the WSC logo in a plastic sleeve, attached to a gate or fence, sometimes a distance from the site itself.
  • Also read the West Somerset Free Press which each week lists the applications.
  • You can search for, view and comment on planning applications here:
  • If you didn't know about an application until after the decision has been made, the decision cannot generally be changed.
  • The Parish Council is a 'statutory consultee' which means that WSC have to ask the Parish Council what it thinks, but it is free to ignore what the Parish Council says. In practice, the Parish Council's response is taken seriously.
  • The Parish Council holds a public site meeting for almost every application, and all residents are welcome to attend and give their views. Notices of these meetings are placed on the Sawpits and Churchyard notice boards.
  • If you have a view on a particular application, you can send your comments direct to WSC as well as telling the Parish Council.
  • If you are contemplating making a planning application, or see that your neighbours have, it is recommended that you talk to all your neighbours first. It is almost always easier to hear and respond to concerns direct rather than both sides communicating through the planning officer.

Parish Precept

The Parish Council 'precept' is the amount of money we receive out of the Council Tax collected by West Somerset Council. The total precept for 2017/18 is £19,000; for a Band D house this is £59.74 per year. Anyone is welcome to see the Parish Council's accounts and budget, please contact the Clerk on

Contacting the Parish Council

Parish Clerk:
   Claire Morrison-Jones
   The Orchard
   TA3 7PZ

You are also welcome to speak to any of the Parish Councillors about any matters concerning you.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme was adopted on 12 January 2012 and can be seen here.

Key Auditing Documents

The following documents relating to the auditing and accountability of the council are available:

Minutes of Parish Council meetings

Below are links to the minutes of Parish Council meetings. They are published in draft because the minutes are not formally approved until the following meeting. If you would like to see a copy of the approved minutes, please contact the Parish Clerk.

   9 January 2020
   14 November 2019
   12 September 2019
   11 July 2019
   9 May 2019 (annual Parish Meeting)
   25 April 2019 (planning meeting)
   28 March 2019 (planning meeting)
   16 March 2019 2019 (planning meeting 2)
   16 March 2019 2019 (planning meeting 1)
   10 January 2019
   8 November 2018
   13 September 2018
   12 July 2018
   10 May 2018
   10 May 2018 (annual Parish Meeting)
   8 March 2018
   11 January 2018
   9 November 2017
   14 September 2017
   27 July 2017
   13 July 2017
   11 May 2017
   11 May 2017 (annual Parish Meeting)
   9 March 2017
   12 January 2017
   10 November 2016
   8 September 2016
   14 July 2016
   12 May 2016
   10 March 2016
   14 January 2016
   12 November 2015
   10 September 2015
   9 July 2015
   14 May 2015
   16 April 2015
   12 March 2015
   8 January 2015
   4 Decembember 2014
   27 November 2014
   23 October 2014
   11 September 2014
   10 July 2014
   12 June 2014
   1 May 2014
   10 April 2014
   13 March 2014
   8 January 2014
   11 December 2013
   13 November 2013
   9 October 2013
   12 September 2013
   8 August 2013
   22 July 2013 - Capton and Aller solar planning proposals
   11 July 2013
   11 June 2013
   9 May 2013
   Annual Meeting 9 May 2013
   17 April 2013
   13 March 2013
   30 January 2013
   19 January 2013 (site meeting)
   9 January 20132
   14 November 2012
   24 October 2012
   3 October 2012
   19 September 2012
   13 September 2012
   12 July 2012
   17 May 2012
   Annual Meeting 17 May 2012
   1 May 2012
   8 March 2012
   12 January 2012
   10 November 2011
   8 September 2011
   14 July 2011
   19 May 2011
   11 November 2010
   15 September 2010
   14 July 2010
   12 May 2010
   10 March 2010
   13 January 2010
   19 November 2009
   9 September 2009