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Neighbourhood Watch

Stogumber village is a member of the neighbourhood watch scheme and is coordinated by Mrs Kim Rew.

The purpose of this page is to inform residents of police messages received and posted on the Parish Council Noticeboard, situated at the end of Sawpits Close. Please note, any incidents must, in the first instance, be reported to the Police, not the coordinator.

Neighbourhood Watch latest message (added 6/9/16)

On 5th September a male attended a property in Brushford, Dulverton, claiming to be from Magna Housing. The male was invited into the property and asked the occupant to pay for rent. No money was handed over and nothing else appears to have been taken.

Enquiries with Magna Housing confirm that none of their staff were in the area on that day.

Please remain vigilant. If you are unsure about any unexpected caller, don’t open the door. Ring a neighbour for help or if necessary call the Police. If you have received a similar visit, please contact us on 101.